Is It Time To Have Your Garage Door Opener Replaced?

If you hit a button (either on a remote control device or on a keypad) and your white marsh garage door opens or closes, chances are you haven’t given much thought to replacing the opener. The one you have is doing the job it’s supposed to do, so why bother?

That really isn’t a bad line of reasoning, but…

If your white marsh garage door opener is old, you might want to look into the features available that your opener doesn’t have. There have been a lot of developments in recent years, and some of them might turn out to be important to you.

First on the list is a safety reversal feature. This is not the same as the auto reversal that kicks in when the door meets resistance on the way down. The safety reversal has been required on garage door openers since 1993 and its purpose is to protect things that move across the door opening as the door is descending. It utilizes two sensors located about 6 inches above the ground. If anything (like a child or a pet) passes between those sensors as the door descends it immediately reverses direction.

Depending on the layout of the house, people in some rooms may be distracted or awakened by a noisy older white marsh garage door opener. The older models are mostly chain drive openers. A new screw drive or belt drive opener would be much quieter.

New white marsh garage door openers are more secure than older models. Older white marsh garage door openers had remote controls that used a single fixed code that was transmitted to the opener every time it was used. A thief with a special device could capture that code by being near your home when you used your remote control. They could then return to enter your home through the garage door just as if they had your remote control in their hand. New white marsh garage door openers use a “rolling code” that changes every time it is used. Your code can no longer be duplicated to gain access to your home.

Newer garage door openers have keypads that can be mounted on the doorframe of your garage. You can enter a code at the keypad to get into the garage. And the very newest models don’t even require a code – they can read your fingerprint.

And this final capability can be really persuasive. Imagine you have just driven home in a thunderstorm. Rain is coming down in sheets and you have just pulled up in front of your house. You hit the button on your remote control and the garage door doesn’t open. You hit it again. Still nothing. Then you notice there are no lights on. Not at your house, not at your neighbors’ homes. The power is off! The only way into the house is to get out (did you remember to put an umbrella in the car?) and run through the rain to the door.

Well, that’s the only way into the house unless you have a new white marsh garage door opener that includes a battery backup. If you had that, you went right into the garage the first time you hit the button. The house still has no power, but you are safe and dry inside. Ready to go shop for that new white marsh garage door opener now?

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