Questions You Should Ask When Shopping For A New White Marsh Garage Door

White Marsh Garage doors are certainly not a one-size-fits-all sort of purchase. I you are going to be shopping for a new white marsh garage door, there are a lot of questions that you need to ask yourself, and the seller, to make sure you are getting a white marsh garage door that is right for your needs. Generally, they cover the issues of what you need in a white marsh garage door and what are the features of the door I’m looking at. These are a few of the important ones.

How do I use my garage?

Not all people use their garages the same. For some people, a garage is nothing more than a place to park their car. They are never in the garage longer than it takes to drive into the garage, close the door, get out of the car and go into the house. Or the same thing going the opposite direction. Others use their garage as a workshop. Still others use their garage as an extension of the living space of the house – a recreation space for playing games, watching TV or generally hanging out with friends. Based on climate and the planned usage of the garage, people may have different preferences in the R-Factor, bottom seals and weather-stripping between panels.

What is the opening size of my garage? What are the clearances at the sides and top of the door opening?

These answers will come into play in determining the exact size of door that you need.

What do I want my white marsh garage door to look like?

These days, that is an important question, and the answer can be very specific. White marsh garage doors are available in styles to complement just about any conceivable architectural style. Also, all types of garage doors (metal, wood, fiberglass) can be painted to exactly match your house paint.

How long should a white marsh garage door last? Are there differences in garage doors that effect their average life?

The average life of a garage door is 10 years. How much it is used won’t necessarily effect the life of the door, but it will impact an important part of the door. The same door can be purchased with different torsion springs, and torsion springs can be purchased rated for 25k, 50k 75k or 100k cycles. To decide which torsion springs you would need, estimate the number of times it will be used in a typical day, multiply that by 250 (average days of use in a year, and multiply that result by 10 (the average life of a garage door). So if your garage door is typically opened and closed 10 times a day, you would need torsion springs rated for 25k. (10 cycles x 250 days x 10 years).

Since I’m replace a white marsh garage door, how do I remove the existing torsion springs?

The short answer is, don’t. Torsion springs are extremely dangerous. Leave the removal to the professionals that will be installing your new door.

Do I need to be concerned with a high-wind rating on my door?

That depends. As a code requirement, you will have to check with your local code enforcement department. There are some areas (primarily hurricane-prone regions) that have requirements on this issue. If it isn’t required by code, it is entirely up to you.

You wouldn’t shop for a new car without doing a little research first and you shouldn’t shop for a new white marsh garage door without it either. Knowing the answers to the above questions will put you on the right path for buying the perfect garage door for your home.

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