Maintaining Your White Marsh Garage Door – When To Call For Service & Repair

In most houses, the garage door is the Rodney Dangerfield of the house – it “don’t get no respect.” In fact, unless there is something noticeably wrong with it, the garage door just doesn’t get noticed.

So in most instances, even thinking about your garage door suggests it may need service or repair.

There are a few maintenance tasks that are absolutely safe for you to do yourself. They include lubricating the rollers, and doing routine tests of the door’s auto-reverse function, and of course cleaning or painting the exterior of the door.

There are parts of your garage door that can present a significant danger to inexperienced workers, though. The torsion springs and anything attached to them (cables, pulleys, brackets for the cables and pulleys) are under extreme tension and if suddenly released could be deadly. It might be fair to say that if you have done proper routine preventive maintenance on your garage door and now it needs any other attention, it would be appropriate to call a professional garage door installation and repair service to handle the new problem.

Some indications of a torsion spring problem:

If the garage door is in the “up” position and is released from the garage door opener, it should stay in that position. If it slides down – even to the point where either bottom roller is beneath the point where the tracks go from horizontal to vertical – you may have a torsion spring problem.

If the door is released from the garage door opener and manually raised to a point three or four feed off of the ground and doesn’t stay there when you release it, you may have a torsion spring problem.

If one side of the door slides down further than the other side of the door when released from the garage door opener, you may have a torsion spring problem.

Garage door torsion springs don’t last forever. Ten years is a reasonable period for the torsion springs on a garage door that is subject to normal use. The springs on heavily used doors may only last 4-6 years. And improper installation can further reduce their life.

Other indicators that service is needed:

Visible wear on the cables attached to the door. A broken cable can permit the garage door to descend suddenly, presenting great danger to anyone or anything under it, so cables should be replaced as soon as there is any visible wear on them.

Squealing or squeaking of the rollers as the door ascends and descends indicates a need for lubrication or replacement.

A door that does not ascend and descend smoothly can be an indication of problems with the rollers, tracks or the torsion springs.

Door panels that are dented, broken or missing definitely indicate a need for service. They are not merely unsightly. Defective panels impact the security of your home and make the operation of the doors dangerous.

Regular maintenance can eliminate many of the issues that arise with garage doors. If your garage door is giving you trouble, first see if it’s something you can quickly and easily fix. If not, call a repair person right away to avoid compounding an existing problem.

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